Learn the fundamentals of dance needed for today’s fast moving and rapidly evolving marching arts musical performer. This one of a kind event will guide you in setting up your dance fundamentals program for the upcoming competitive season.

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Michael Rosales will be offering virtual classes via ZOOM.

West Broward

April 4 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


I am writing to you today on behalf of Michael Rosales (Choreographer for Blast, Santa Clara Vanguard) and his associates as they present the first ever camp of its sort: The Breakdown Camp. The camp will cover an array of topics, exercises, and techniques that the Prosper Band has had the opportunity to learn from Michael Rosales over the past five years. I credit Michael’s teaching and choreography as a large factor in our students’ efficacy, confidence, and ownership of their productions. As we developed a vocabulary and understanding of how to safely and efficiently approach and teach marching band movement, dance, and choreography from Michael, our students began to LOVE the evolution of this “new wave” in marching band. It started out as “just adding visuals” but it evolved into a new way of moving, expressing, and bringing their music and show to life. Honestly, our students enjoy it far more than just marching alone, I really think that they would prefer to do this all of the time if they could. I believe that the concept of this camp is simple: safely and efficiently train young performers in many of the skills and basic techniques that they may be called on to do before they get to you in summer band. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear stories of directors being able to call on their students to help teach and create movement and choreography that is based on sound technique and actively enhances the music in the show after experiencing this camp. For the record, I’m not involved with the camp, nor am I getting any kickback or special deal for Prosper students, I’m just sharing this testimonial because I think that you may have some students that really enjoy it!

John Alstrin, Director of Fine Arts, Prosper Independent School District


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exclusive camp information

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